What is TradeZilla 3.0? (Free Preview)

What is TradeZilla 3.0?

Tradezilla 3.0 is a online mentorship program on Market Profile, Volume Profile & Orderflow. It is a 85+ hours of intensive training session which dives deep into a market through a series of webinars and live training session during market hours to give students a meaningful transformation to their trading career.

Tradezilla 3.0 is more of a Trading Framework to trade any kind of markets (Sideways, high volatility, low volatility, Gap up/Gap down markets, Fast Moving & Slow Moving markets). This online mentorship program is focused towards Short Term, Intraday & Scalping Trade Setups.

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What is the Course Objective?

  • Provide a sustainable framework that brings down bad trades & improves the trading profitability
  • Reducing the trading emotions & focusing on the trading odds & trade quality
  • Explore the edge using tools like Market Profile, Volume Profile & Orderflow

How is this Mentor-ship structured?

This Mentor-ship program focuses on 3 major sections:

Weekend Webinars

  • Live Webinars will be hosted on Saturdays & Sundays ( 5 hours/day ). Total of 45 hours i.e 9 days of learning will be spent on Market Profile, Volume Profile & Orderflow
  • Weekend Webinars include theoretical sessions as well as key signature trade setup explanations
  • Participants can ask questions during the session. It will be a live interactive discussion when comes to Q&A sessions.

Live Market Training

  • Live Market Training will be conducted during market hours - 1 hour in the morning session (9.30a.m - 10.30a.m) & 1 hour in the afternoon session (1.30p.m - 2.30p.m)
  • Total 40 hours of live discussion primarily happens during live market hours.
  • During live markets - sessions will be focused on

1)Trade Preparation

2)Market Observation

3)Developing Trade Context using Market Profile, Volume Profile & Orderflow

4)Focus on Trade Setups (Early morning Trade Setups, Mid-Day Trade Setups)

5)Where to avoid emotional traps

6)Q&A Sessions

  • Every day there will be something new to learn when comes to market profile, volume profile & order-flow.
  • Various drills sessions will be conducted on Market Profile & Orderflow to explain the core concepts of market profile & orderflow during market hours

We’ve given you 3 key concept sections to start with, but feel free to add more if needed.

Before you Join the Mentor ship Program

  • Make sure you are willing to commit your time for deliberate practice
  • Make sure you have a good internet connectivity & Good Microphone to interact with the mentor.

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